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Tea is the new wine

By 8. november 2017 Blog
Double Happiness handmade display tea
A slightly audacious opinion, some would say, but never the less an opinion we at Simply Tea mean to be true.
Since 2005, specialty teas have found their way to the European public and demand for better quality tea is growing at a fast rate. Consumers are looking for different categories and tastes, and preferably ones with a history or something to say.
Naturally we have followed this development very closely, and have dedicated time and effort in researching exactly what the consumer is looking for, both in terms of taste but also in regards to the health benefits.
 Tea tasting
We wish to share our passion and interest for tea, inspired by tea pickers, tea masters and tea enthusiasts. In search of tastes you never knew existed, we have visited many remote mountains, regions and tea gardens of China, some of which have produced teas for former Emperors in pursuit of these wonderful teas.
 Tea Info
With our sound and personal knowledge we are able to recommend the right tea to the right consumer. We have personally chosen teas that will appeal to the masses and teas which have been specifically selected for the tea enthusiast. With this in mind we have launched a distinguish portfolio of high grade specialty tea, hand produced using old techniques and traditions.  This selection of white, yellow, green, oolong, black, raw puerh and cooked puerh is only available from Simply Tea, Aaboulevarden 19, 8000 Aarhus Denmark
 Sri Antru white tea from Nepal
 Jun Shan Yin Zhen Yellow Tea
 Anji Bai Cha
 Da Hong Pao Big Red Robe Rock Oolong
 Lapsang Bohea
 You Le Mountain Sheng Puerh



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  • Augustus Roberts siger:

    I have been following Simply Tea for some time now and I find your blogs really interesting. It is obvious you have travelled many places in China and know a lot about tea. Thank you for your input

  • Franchesca Wainwright siger:

    I enjoyed reading your article. Not many Americans know about tea in the US. It’s great to be able to find some information on the internet.

  • Malene Lande siger:

    Tak for det. Jeg har aldrig tænkt på te som en erstatning til vin før. Spændende emne.

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